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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hey everyone!! My name is Ana and I am from Pakistan. I am really excited since this is my very first blog and I would feel quite stupid if nobody read it so YOU there ! yes you READ THIS BLOG !! and you better like it !!!
I spent my vacations stuffing my face, travelling in dreamland (wonderful place that is) and getting FAT.  *sigh* good times !! So I thought i should stop being such a lazy bum and DO something for once !! and here I am writing this blog.
I actually got inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. I think the idea is so creative and original so I am kind of going to steal the idea *evil laugh*
My sister got me this book from Lahore, " The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook" by Barbara Grunes. I am totally in LOVE with the book, I will try out recipes from the book and share how they turned out =D
These are a few desserts that I have tried out. Oh and these are not from the same book !

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. My family loved it and finished it off in about an hour. The heat got to this poor slice =( 
Devil's Chocolate Food Cake. My personal favorite. 

Made this from a Betty Crocker mix. My sister piped the icing.

This one was made from a Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix .  This was also the first time I made and used fondant  =D
So here's hoping that I move my bum and bake this weekend! Cheers to you all ! =)
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