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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Or should I call them The Devil Bars !!! it took me three attempts to make the darn thing.
On the first attempt, I added the beaten egg to the hot mixture of butterscotch when the book clearly stated "let cool slightly" but no! i knew better didn't I. So there i was adding the egg. Wait a min !! whats that ??!!! the egg fried !! yes the egg turned into some sort of scrambled omelette type thingy !!
The bin welcomed the horrible mixture with open arms.
What happened in the 2nd attempt you ask ? Well little miss dopey me ignored the instructions once more and the butterscotch mixture turned ROCK SOLID !! Literally !! And there I was screaming "NO NO I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO LET IT HARDEN" when my dear father comes and asks innocently "How are u going to cut THIS into bars?"
Frustrated yet still determined I decided not to waste more ingredients and just melt the mixture and try once more And there you have it folks !! I did it !! YAY ME !!
I felt so proud ! I finally beat the nasty butterscotch bars ! HA!
My family didn't really like them no matter what they say, I know !! They were just a little sweet !! The bars I mean =p
So I learned 2 thing i guess !!
1. Use lesser brown sugar than mentioned in the book. And
2. Butterscotch is EVIL !!

Finally got it right ;)

I Hope this is what it was supossed to look like =p

Hope you enjoy the pictures !! Till the next time! Cheers to you all ! =)
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