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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back with a Bang !

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Its been a looong loong time !! I have been busy with a lot of stuff !! University, Exams, Dramatics society ( which i started myself  btw and organized the whole thing on my own *smiles smugly* ok fine you got me ! with some help !) and then we had Ramzan and then wait !! why am i explaining myself ?! *sigh* Anyhoooo....  Thought i should probably get back to the blog now and so i am back with a BANG !! where is the bang you ask ?! well i do have some big big news !! i have started a home based bakery . . its on a very small scale but hey a business is a business right ?! here is the link to my page . .
The blog was left behind with all the stuff happening in my life . . . . So leaving with the promise to myself that i will keep my blog updated from now on, Hasta la vista babies !!

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