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Friday, 2 August 2013

Hey there folks!! i am back after a long break.  I know I promised to write more, but every time I thought I should write, an evil little voice inside my head said, "but no one reads your blog. who are you writing for?" and i agreed. (pity and sympathy comments are welcomed, just comment ok? =p ) Even with this low self esteem i did not stop baking. No sir! Made quite a lot of cakes since then actually. I made a Smurf Cake and the blue frosting came out perfect. made some customized cuppies for a dentistry student, had so much fun making the teeth. I also started working on fondant. I couldn't  get the hang of it in the beginning but i believe i have mastered the MMF now 8) ok fine i haven't! but i'm getting there. really, i am.
So guess i now have a load of pictures to upload. yaay! OOH i got an order for a Sesame Street ooohh and it was three tiered, boy that took all of my energy.
Moving on, i really want to work on my blog. Might even start a makeup blog, its my new thing ;) but the problem is i dont know how to customize the blog and stuff. Could anyone please help me out ? and Yes this is the only reason i wrote this blog. You got a problem with that ? No? Good!
So will you help me ? *peeks out and makes a puppy dog face*
Cheers guys ! =) xoxo

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