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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

IT STARTS *Timon style*

Hey everyone!! My name is Ana and I am from Pakistan. I am really excited since this is my very first blog and I would feel quite stupid if nobody read it so YOU there ! yes you READ THIS BLOG !! and you better like it !!!
I spent my vacations stuffing my face, travelling in dreamland (wonderful place that is) and getting FAT.  *sigh* good times !! So I thought i should stop being such a lazy bum and DO something for once !! and here I am writing this blog.
I actually got inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. I think the idea is so creative and original so I am kind of going to steal the idea *evil laugh*
My sister got me this book from Lahore, " The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook" by Barbara Grunes. I am totally in LOVE with the book, I will try out recipes from the book and share how they turned out =D
These are a few desserts that I have tried out. Oh and these are not from the same book !

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. My family loved it and finished it off in about an hour. The heat got to this poor slice =( 
Devil's Chocolate Food Cake. My personal favorite. 

Made this from a Betty Crocker mix. My sister piped the icing.

This one was made from a Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix .  This was also the first time I made and used fondant  =D
So here's hoping that I move my bum and bake this weekend! Cheers to you all ! =)


  1. wow. Yummy!
    Congratulations you have one follower in your list! :p

  2. Great article Miss Ana.Count me ad your follower number 2 but the condition is you have to share your cakes/bakings with your followers ;-)

  3. Excellent article Miss. Your cakes look delicious and we would all love to eat it. If you could send us by courier. Please let us know the cost.

  4. Yummy post Ana... Good effort, keep it up!

  5. aww yes sure maryam baji anytime =)

    mr.bashar thank u so much . . where are u from ? i havent started a business yet but i could try it out which one would u like ?

    thanks a ton lucy =)

  6. *proud blogger buddy smile* =D
    I absolutely love this! and this is better than the draft. told you it comes to you while writing and turns out extremely good! =)

  7. yes hira u were ryt thank u for helping out =)

  8. Woww this is great! :) How much would it be to send it to america? ;)


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